Being in the fashion industry for over 11 years now, means a lot of experience
and being an expert for women in different shapes and sizes. Not only a strong opinion, but also being very critical as a style consultant.
Working together with other clothes labels or companies is what Edith Dohmen like the most.
Edith Dohmen came with her own label in april 2013 and showed that it’s possible
to make a label for in-between sizes, completely new in the fashion industry.
It was a statement, a great opportunity to tell the world about her mission and vision.

For there will be no new collection. Collaborations with other companies
or working together with investors will be an opportunity.

Developing a totally new brand from the scratch was not an easy project.
It was worth all of it. Having this experience, Edith Dohmen wants to help companies
to think different about their size ranges. Plus size and also straight size brands are interesting for Edith Dohmen.
“Is the size good? Does the shape work?” And more question to think about. If you are interested, send a mail by contact!

4 gedachten over “advice

  1. Edith,
    Vorige week heb ik via onze keten Steps jouw, in Zaandam, leren kennen.
    Ik vond het zeer leerrijk en wil dit naar mijn verkoopteam ook overbrengen.
    Is het mogelijk om de verschillende figuren met specifiek kleuradvies mij te kunnen doorsturen?
    Alvast bedankt,
    Marleen Cleyman , Steps Antwerpen

  2. Hey,
    German size 46/US14 here. I’m also tall. 5’11 or 180cm. I know asos well, and H&M… The only places i can sometimes find decent pants. Are there other places I should/could be looking also?

    -I love pants that fit

    1. hi, thank you for your message!
      It depends on what you are looking for.
      Jeans are great from Zizzi and Juna Rose.
      More decent pants from Sallie Sahne.
      Good luck finding a great pants! gr. Edith

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