Edith Dohmen worked with a lot of models and not models in different sizes, colors and ages.
This made her realize that every woman is beautiful.
 And every woman has the right to look good!
Edith Dohmen doesn’t believe in ‘make overs’ anymore. Edith Dohmen believes in the ‘better version’ of yourself.
With a few tips and some ‘fine tuning’ it will already be a great result!

Whether you want to accentuate your body in the right way or want to be the centre of attention for a special occasion.
Whether you want to come across professionally as groomed, confident and reliable or if you just want to look great every day.
No matter what the situation is, Edith Dohmen can provide you with the right styling advice
and can go shopping with or for you for the right clothing.

Edith Dohmen thinks it is important that a person wears whatever he or she feels comfortable wearing.
Clothing shows who you are and can be used to show off your personality. That is why it is so important that the whole image fits!
That is what Edith Dohmen wants to emphasize. Edith Dohmen not only makes sure that you wear the right colour and dress for your body type,
but also that the whole image fits: personal branding! ‘Dare to be noticed’ and make yourself visible!

Professional advice about what clothes are right for you can be given one-on-one or in a group.
If you would like to have more information, get in contact!

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  1. Hi Edith Dohmen,
    I love de diversity of sizes on your site!
    I’ve noticed that there is not much diversity in sizes on your “young” styling page. I think it’s important for girls at this age to learne that it’s normal to have or get curves because this is the age your body changes a lot.
    Lots of good luck with your vision on women.
    Kind reagard,

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