On Vogue Italia

Edith Dohmen will never forget this day, Wednesday the 17th of April… the day that Vogue Italia wrote an article about my inbetweenie label Edith Dohmen! Her first reaction was crying, really… crying like a child… She was sooo happy! Tears from happiness and she asked herself: Is this real? Thanx Franca Sozzani for give me this opportunity!




TV morning show WNL

15th of April, D-day…the day that the webshop with the inbetweenie collection is online! This day started really fantastic! Early in the morning Edith Dohmen was on national TV at the morning program of WNL(check the video here). Many, many great reactions of people! Thanx for your enthusiasm, positivity and support! It feels like I am flying and have butterflies everywhere in my body!




Cenza magazine

An interview with Edith Dohmen in CENZA magazine. Article and pictures are by Katja Waltmans. “I am an hourglass with some extra minutes.” An article about her roots: “I grew up in Limburg, the south of Holland. And I am still proud of it.” It’s about her work, her blog and of course her mission. You can also see some spring looks.

Edith Dohmen.indd

Edith Dohmen.indd

Edith Dohmen.indd

Edith Dohmen.indd

In Viva magazine

The article is about ‘bloggers with a mission’. As you know Edith Dohmen has a BIG mission: more size diversity in media, magazines, runways and movies. It’s cool to be the only ‘Dutchie’ in this article! Next to Lauren Friedman from Washington, Jenni Radosevich from New York and Ariel Sansaricq from Boston.
The hopping tips: Primark, Asos, Carma Koma and Anna Scholz.



in Flair magazine

This week I am in the Dutch magazine Flair. They say: “she’s got flair”. I am very proud to be in this magazine. I talk about myself, my blog and my mission! And I love the pictures!