“Fashion is all about dreams and illusion” says Karl Lagerfeld.
And style consultant Edith Dohmen makes it complete with: this can be in different sizes, ages and colors.

Years of experience in the fashion world has enabled me to that this fashion industry has to wake up.
A real ‘size revolution’ is going on and I am very proud to be a ‘player’ in this.
I think it’s time for change! My mission is to show size 46 EU next to size 34/36 EU.
My opinion is that magazines should be filled with models in different sizes, ages and colors.
We also need more runways with mixed models.
Size diversity in fashion: in magazines, runways, in the media and in Hollywood.
Driven in heart and soul, I am a ‘creative inspirator’, able to inspire teams to create and think different about there products.

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