Samoon & Edith Dohmen


Finally I can you more about my secret project, I did in April


It’s been a while now, when I was at the photoshoot of the German plus size brand
Samoon in Amsterdam at 22nd of April.
The team was shooting the Samoon AW 16 campaign with gorgeous model Iris.
Samoon by Gerry Weber, the younger and trendier sister of Gerry Weber.

Together with Dutch model Iris

And more backstage photos, also from my portraits which were made that day.
And of course from the campaign shoot. It was at a fantastic location in Amsterdam.





Samoon asked me to collaborate.  And I said: Yes! The size range is 42 to 54 EU. Styling is
my profession, and it’s great to show you and all women in sizes 42 EU and up
how to dress yourself and be comfy.
I was at the set making styling videos that day in Amsterdam.

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